Bace nie dulu!
Kau copy! Kau mati! Ingat! =] btw! Chat Box kat bawah page nie! Blog nie gile. -.-

A Really Big Sorry! :)

To All my followers , sorry la .
Blog nie macam tak activate sangat ..
jarang buat post. mcam malas nk layan dunia blogger nie..
tapi kalau ade free time saya update la yew! thanks for all the support ! :)
Love you all! :)

But want to ask all of you .. this is an entry about planes.
ok . now i want to tell you something .. 
Now i am addicted to planes or well known as aviation..
hehehe. yes i love planes . as you can see. i even make the favicon as Malaysia Airlines logo.
haha. i know it looks weird . but i don't know i was addicted to planes.

Maybe because i wanted to ride planes so much..
you ever go to older post . i was always posting i wanted to Tokyo ?
Maybe that's why i love planes so much! :)

thanks for the support ! :)

ok . one simple question :

Which Logo of Malaysia Airlines is better? The old one . or the new one ?
Please leave the answer in the comment . and tell why! :)

and this one .
which aircraft (The A380)
Hint : A380 mean Airbus .
so it means Airbus 380! ^_^

That's all for today! :)

For more information about planes. please ask me on fb ! :)
i would really love to answer all you questions ! :)
or leave in the chat box! thanks! 
or you can just enter this group : (For Facebookers only)

Nota Kaki : Please don't think i'm a freak or whatever , just because i 
love planes. that doesn't make me a freak . everyone have differents 
opinions ! :) and don't call me " Batak Kapal Terbang ' or whatsoever
once again . My blog is not so active . please contact me at facebook.
especially twitter . for people i don't know ! :)
just follow me . and i will tweet tweet with all of you! :)
just don't be rude. 

Copy this to your blog if you love planes!
I made it myself! :)

Click Here ! :)

Kalau nk letak sebagai HTML .
Copy paste nie : 

<a href=""><img src="" width="100" height="90" border="0" /></a>

Itsumo egao. Naqib kara de geso . =)! :)